Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. Bumbles

Mr. Bumbles is a bear that rotates through Cavett's classroom and goes home to live with you for a while.  This week it was our turn.  Here's Cavett adventures with Mr. Bumbles. 

When Bumbles came home yesterday, we watched a movie called Snoopy Come Home, because it was cold and rainy outside.  Bumbles like the movie. 

Next he loved watching me practice the piano.  His favorite song was "Rockin' Pony Ride." 

For dinner Bumbles and I had Gumbo.  It was his first time to eat it.  He ate every single bite I gave him!

On Tuesday, Bumbles and I had pancakes for breakfast and then went to the gym.  Later that afternoon we had aplaydate with my friend, Walker.  We ate some cookies and played on the playground.

After dinner tonight I said, "I think Bumbles has grown!  He's been eating everything!" 

I had a great time with you Bumbles!

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