Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kite Flying

Today I flew a kite that was like an airplane. It had colors on the tail like a fire. I got it from my Mom who got it in Chinatown in San Francisco. We flew it at home in the front yard. It crashed 3 times. It made loop-de-loops and flew super high. This kite is super awesome. I hope to fly it again tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"today i told my class about isabela. yesterday she had surgery." so the techur sed a praur.

"the doctors cut out her chest and they put the smelly air in her mouth. then she went to sleep and won't feel anything. she will be in the sick bed until she feels better and then we can play with her."

i luv yoo, isabela. get wellll soon.

P.S.-She did fairly well thought her surgery, but did have to go back in early this morning for some bleeding issues.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ronnie was a good, good, good worm. I just got Ronnie from Mrs. Templin, my teacher and she got him from the pet store. Ronnie doesn't have a mouth or eyes. Worms are good for plants to grow, because they loosen the soil. Worms eat leaves and sometimes dirt and wirvy-bert (some kind of food for worms.)

When Ronnie got home we took a picture. (Cavett asked if Ronnie was smiling. When I reminded him that worms don't have mouths, he said they smile with their noses.) Next we put him in the garden and watched him squiggle away into the earth.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rodeo Day

Dictated by Cavett:
Rodeo day at school was cool. We took a picture. My favorite thing was riding my horsy (stick horse) and milking the cow. It was a pretend cow. We read Mason's book Armadilla Rodeo. We branded a bull with oil. We searched for treasure (panned for gold) and then had a water ladel race.
I touched a shot rattlesnake (just the skin.) Mr. Templin shot the snake with a gun.
I learned that the Texas state flower is the bluebonnet. If you pick a bluebonnet, the policeman will buy you a ticket and if you are riding fast. The Texas state bird is the mockingbird. It's also Jeffery's team name. Daddy told me that the armadilla is the state speed bump.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Previously, i read the book, Previously.

Previously, mom put Kendrick to bed.

Previously, we ate lunch.

Previously, we drove home from church where mom was teaching the kids.

Previously, we drove to church.

Previously, i watched Clifford the big red dog while mom put on her make-up.

Previuosly, i ate a pop tart and Dad's sausage.

Previously, i got dressed and brushed my teeth and took off my sheets.

Previously, i snuggled with mommy and daddy in bed because I woke up too early.

Previously, i was sound asleep.

And that is my day. Check out my Mom's blog on the book, Previously!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's in Grand Saline

I dug a big, big hole for Grandmama's roses. They have stickers on them. (Notice the sicks angleing up from the dirt.)
Grandmama is my favorite Valentine.

That is a bloom of violets. They are really pretty.I took this picture by myself.

This is a picture of the hows and the fens.

That's Grandaddy. He has a tractor.

This is Roger and the mug and the bacon and the cake.

THis is my room from on top of the bunc bed.

That's when we were going home.

My favorite part of the trip was taking pictures and riding in Grandaddy's tractor. I can't wait to go to Grand Saline again. I love you Grandmama and Grandaddy!

Friday, February 13, 2009


this camra is cool. i went to my memaw's new house today. Her house is big! (She lives in a retirement community.)
We were playing ball.
THose are for valentines, what the people put in.
That's just a werid picture of the table.
That's just Memaw.

That's Grandmama.

That is a weird picture of my Dad and Grandmama. We were leaving.

Memaw is cool! The best part was taking pictures there.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My name is Cavett! I am starting my own blog, because I like to take pictures. My Mom just gave me my own, "new" camera. The other camera is out of batteries. I'm going to take pictures and write some words. Sometimes, I'll write words by myself and sometimes, I'll just tell my Mom what to write. I hope you come read my blog everyday (ok, maybe once a week, Mom says.)

I got Ela from nowhere. (He was around before I was born.) Ela sleeps with me. He is an toy animal--an elephant. Now, Roger is my pet rock. I made Roger at Veggie Tales church camp last summer. Mom found Roger in the washing machine the other day. Mom says don't leave Roger in my pocket. So, Ela and Roger are my pets. I took this picture of them. Every week Roger and Ela will be in a new place and we will have many adventures.