Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Bumbles

Mr. Bumble's is the travelling class bear that goes home with a different child each weekend.  This weekend was our weekend.  Here's what we wrote to send to the class about Mr. Bumble's weekend. 

This weekend was the perfect weekend to have Mr. Bumbles! We were headed to Grandmama’s house and to the Peanut Butter Festival in Grand Saline for the weekend. As we headed out of town, we stopped for a slushee at Sonic because I got all greens this week. Mr. Bumbles likes the blue coconut flavor.

When we got to Grandmama’s, the sun was going down and the sky was beautiful, but we had just enough time to show Mr. Bumbles what hay is and how much fun it is to throw! That night we slept in Grandmama’s big bed.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to town for the first annual Great American Peanut Butter Festival. We had peanut butter pancakes and got our picture taken with Buddy McNutty.

Afterwards we played on the caboose that was nearby. Next, we stopped by my great-grandmother, Uldene’s old office. While we waited we played on her old pump organ.


Now the real fun begins! We bounced in the bounce house. We watched the parade. There were two bands, clowns, peanuts, beauty queens (Miss Texas included), firetrucks, motorcycles and covered wagons.

Afterward, we went to the Pet Parade Contest. Mr. Bumbles was given a participant ribbon and so we chose to enter the “Most Unusual Pet” category. They judged by whoever got the most applause and Mr. Bumbles won!!!

We came home for lunch and filled the estimation jar with hickory nuts from Grandmama’s yard. I won’t tell you how many, because we didn’t count as we placed them in the jar.
Our afternoon activity was riding the tractor and splitting wood for our fireplace. Mr. Bumbles wasn’t scared at all. He sat in the driver’s seat while we did all the work.

 Later that afternoon we went back to town to see the World’s Largest Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich being made. But, first we stopped by the Salt Palace. The walls of this house are made entirely of salt. Salt is what the city is know for and they have a big salt mine there. That’s not ice Mr. Bumbles is sitting on—it’s salt!

Now for the main attraction! We watched them make the biggest PB and J ever! It weighed 1,342 pounds. That’s 710 pounds of bread, 503 pounds of peanut butter, and 129 pounds of jelly! We even got our picture taken with Miss Peanut Butter.

Sunday we had more peanut butter pancakes for breakfast but this time Grandmama made them and then we went to church where Mr. Bumble’s and I got to place a rose on the alter remembering Uldene (my great-grandmother) for All Saint’s Sunday.

That afternoon we split more wood and then headed back to Allen. It was a great weekend and I’m so glad Mr. Bumbles could share it with me!

If you’d like to see more pictures from our weekend go to my Mom’s blog at

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Kindergarten Interview

This post is for my new Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Love.  I can't wait to meet you tomorrow at "Meet the Teacher Night!" 

(Mommy typing, Cavett dictating)

I have two dogs and one brother, Kendrick that is 2 years old, but he's about to turn 3 next week.  My favorite color is blue, dark blue.  My favorite movie that I saw this summer is Despicable Me, because of the shrink ray because it shrinks people.  This summer I did a lot of swimming and took stroke lessons at our pool in the backyard.  I stayed with my Grandmama for a few days in Grand Saline, TX.  My Nana lives in Shreveport, LA.  I went to two Vacation Bible Schools.

My favorite animal is a dragon.  My favorite sport is soccer, but I am going to be doing baseball this fall.  I also like to play golf.  My favorite activity around the house is playing "Hiding and Go Seek" with my Mom and brother.  My favorite food is a corn dog.  But, he first day of school I am going to have peanut butter sushi for lunch.  My favorite board game is Monopoly and my favorite Wii game is Mario Party 8. 

I love to read.  This summer I read 25 books for my reading log.  My favorite chapter books are Magic Treehouse.  I like science the most and learning about space.  My favorite planet is Jupiter. 

When I grow up I am going to be a dentist just like Dad and I'm going to work with Dad. 

I go to church at Suncreek Methodist. 

I can't wait to meet you and I am very excited!

P.S.- I'm left handed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. Bumbles

Mr. Bumbles is a bear that rotates through Cavett's classroom and goes home to live with you for a while.  This week it was our turn.  Here's Cavett adventures with Mr. Bumbles. 

When Bumbles came home yesterday, we watched a movie called Snoopy Come Home, because it was cold and rainy outside.  Bumbles like the movie. 

Next he loved watching me practice the piano.  His favorite song was "Rockin' Pony Ride." 

For dinner Bumbles and I had Gumbo.  It was his first time to eat it.  He ate every single bite I gave him!

On Tuesday, Bumbles and I had pancakes for breakfast and then went to the gym.  Later that afternoon we had aplaydate with my friend, Walker.  We ate some cookies and played on the playground.

After dinner tonight I said, "I think Bumbles has grown!  He's been eating everything!" 

I had a great time with you Bumbles!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kite Flying

Today I flew a kite that was like an airplane. It had colors on the tail like a fire. I got it from my Mom who got it in Chinatown in San Francisco. We flew it at home in the front yard. It crashed 3 times. It made loop-de-loops and flew super high. This kite is super awesome. I hope to fly it again tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"today i told my class about isabela. yesterday she had surgery." so the techur sed a praur.

"the doctors cut out her chest and they put the smelly air in her mouth. then she went to sleep and won't feel anything. she will be in the sick bed until she feels better and then we can play with her."

i luv yoo, isabela. get wellll soon.

P.S.-She did fairly well thought her surgery, but did have to go back in early this morning for some bleeding issues.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ronnie was a good, good, good worm. I just got Ronnie from Mrs. Templin, my teacher and she got him from the pet store. Ronnie doesn't have a mouth or eyes. Worms are good for plants to grow, because they loosen the soil. Worms eat leaves and sometimes dirt and wirvy-bert (some kind of food for worms.)

When Ronnie got home we took a picture. (Cavett asked if Ronnie was smiling. When I reminded him that worms don't have mouths, he said they smile with their noses.) Next we put him in the garden and watched him squiggle away into the earth.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rodeo Day

Dictated by Cavett:
Rodeo day at school was cool. We took a picture. My favorite thing was riding my horsy (stick horse) and milking the cow. It was a pretend cow. We read Mason's book Armadilla Rodeo. We branded a bull with oil. We searched for treasure (panned for gold) and then had a water ladel race.
I touched a shot rattlesnake (just the skin.) Mr. Templin shot the snake with a gun.
I learned that the Texas state flower is the bluebonnet. If you pick a bluebonnet, the policeman will buy you a ticket and if you are riding fast. The Texas state bird is the mockingbird. It's also Jeffery's team name. Daddy told me that the armadilla is the state speed bump.